Product Information

Let’s start with Raw Enzymes!

We create the recipe that gives ladies energy.

For beauty, health and diet—it is not possible to take in all the nutrients required from the usual foods although we know it is good for health.

Health is an eternal friend. Our health changes as we grow older.

We deliver products only if the ladies,
who play a central role in continuous and repeated trial production with the same distress as ladies in their thirties – forties, are satisfied.
We support ladies who want to get through each day with lots of energy, and we deliver this to support their daily health promotion.



Karadano-recipe Series

Supplement. Karadano-recipe Series1

Easily takeable Raw Enzymes supplement

Drink. Karadano-recipe Series2

Intensive short term diet

Smoothie. Karadano-recipe Series3

10seconds beautiful habit in the morning with smoothie

Karadano-recipe for Adult Series. Karadano-recipe Series4

Raw Enzymes routine starting at forties

KIDS. Karadano-recipe Series4

We support growing children

Our employees, who have the qualification of “Pharmacist,” and “Supplement Managers,” are engaged in planning and sales.

Raw enzyme that we handle is a type of supplement.
In order for our employees to be able to provide appropriate advice
to support everyone’s health, they obtain professional qualifications and make responses.

Precautions for Use

  • Consult your doctor if pregnant or lactating before taking.
  • Stop taking if you have any concerns about alimentary allergies.
  • Discontinue if it does not suit your condition.
  • Consult your doctor if taking medicines or visiting the hospital before taking.