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Thank you for visiting the GYPSOPHILA Inc. website.

The company name “GYPSOPHILA” is derived from the scientific name for the baby’s breath plant. As baby’s breath complements the brilliance of other flowers, we took the scientific name as the company name so that we can provide the same brilliant and healthy days to customers.

Our leading product, Raw Enzyme has become a long seller since the release in January 2010. Now it is available at Rakuten Ichiba official online shop, drugstores and so on that is patronized by many customers regardless of ages.

We have reviewed its formulation many times, repeatedly producing trial product and finally was able to commercialized this Raw Enzymes. However, it does not mean that you can always create the best seller just by making a good product.

With the times, customer needs will change. We believe it is important standing at the customer’s point of view, receive and listen to the voice from customers.

Ordinary services will not leave any impression to customers. We believe it is our mission to come up with new idea which never caught by common sense and think of innovative services that no one is doing yet to provide to customers.

For that reason, it is important care about “hospitality,” “thoughtfulness,” and “compassion.” To draw out customer’s feeling, we value greetings and manner.

To make customers happier through our services with hospitality, we will strive to realize a future where the people around the world regularly take our Raw Enzyme.

Representative Director
Seita Terashima